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14.01.2020 - New Look Website


As you can see, we've given our website a bit of a makeover.  We have a lot of helpful hints and tips so we wanted to make it easier to read and navigate. We hope you like it.




01.09.2019 - We've Moved


Wow,what a busy summer break.  While we were closed for our summer break we moved too.  Our new premises provides larger workshop facilities helping us to improve our office based equipment pre-build and stock storage.  Our new location also enables us to improve response times to our Cambridgeshire based clients.



18.05.2018 - Revised Terms & Conditions


We have revised our Terms & Conditions to more clearly explain how we use your information.  We may use you Home / Work / Billing Address, Home / Work email address and Home / Work Telephone or Mobile Telephone numbers only to enable us to contact you regarding your project.  We do not send marketing information or share any of your information with anyone one else.



11.09.2017 - CAME bpt


We have invested in Advanced training with CAME bpt - a leading Gate and Barrier Automation company - to add to the range of services we can offer you.  Installation, Repair and Maintenance can be undertaken by our trained engineers.  Our installations comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN13241-1 so you can be sure that your gates will be reliable and safe to use. Existing installations can be upgraded to comply with safety requirements.


Click HERE to see the CAME bpt range



24.04.2017 - Pyronix Enforcer V10 with WiFi


We are pleased to announce that Pyronix have enhanced their already class leading wireless intruder alarm system with the Enforcer V10.  This simple to use wireless control panel has a broad range of wireless detection devices that can be extended to include wired inputs.  It can now integrate more easily with home automation equipment in your property using the optional input/output card. The V10 now comes with an integrated WiFi card as standard (LAN and LAN/GPRS also available) enabling you to have two-way control and monitoring of your system using the HomeControl+ APP on your smart device (Android or iOS). Click HERE for more information.


The V10 now forms the basis of our STANDARD INSTALLATION



07.04.2016 - YouGov Research reveals what people think of Alarm Systems


A recent study carried out by YouGov revealed only 32% of households are protected by an alarm system. Nearly one in four questioned (23%) said that the expense put them off installing a system.  Of those who have an alarm the survey revealed that less than half (49%) switch it on when they leave the house. Why? 20% forget. 13% fear false (nuisance) alarms and 13% say because its 'too complicated'.  Suprisingly few people (11%) install an alarm because of a previous break-in or theft in their local area.  The majority (53%) install an alarm for peace of mind with others (48%) also citing the deterrent value.


What can we learn.  Your alarm needs to be affordable, reliable and simple to use.  That's what we do ... give us a call to discuss your home security.



24.09.2015 - Study reveals Top 10 items stolen


An insurer has reported a sharp spike in claims for Mobile Phones & Tablets as burglars increasingly target next generation devices.  Data from Direct Line shows such items now account for around 19% of all insurance claims.  By contrast, claims for larger devices such as TV's and Laptops have fallen by a third to 13% indicating a clear change in tack from burglars.  Bicycles remain by far the most stolen item, constituting 17% of all claims.  The research highlighted the need for households to be more vigilant as winter approaches, with 19% of all claims occuring between January and February.  The Top 10 items favoured by theives are -


1. Bicycles - 17%

2. Mobile Phones - 11%

3. Power Tools - 10%

4. Laptops - 10%

5. Tablets - 9%

6. Cameras - 8%

7. Golf Equipment - 7%

8. Gardening Tools - 7%

9. Audio Equipment - 5%

10. TV's - 3%



07.09.2015 - Testimonials page added


We will provide you with a quality service and installation but being able to trust a company you may know nothing about can be a bit daunting. We are often complemented on the quality of our service so we thought we'd provide you with some reassurance by sharing what some of our clients have written about us. Go to Working With Us to read more


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14/01/2020 - New Look Website


01/09/2019 - We have moved


18/05/2018 - Revised Terms & Conditions to reflect new Privacy Policy


11/09/2017 - CAME bpt Gate Automation


24/04/2017 - Pyronix Enforcer V10 with WiFi


07.04.2016 - YouGov reveals what people think of Alarm Systems

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